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Solid wood:

Solid lumber is carefully chosen for its strength, grain, quality, and ability to be consistently finished. All of our wood furniture is kiln-dried in a controlled environment to ensure a stable product that resists warping and cracking over time.


The use of veneers is a centuries-old craft. In addition to adding a beautiful finish to flat surface areas of furniture, wood veneers add strength and stability. Veneers are also less prone to twisting or warping which can occur with temperature or humidity changes. They also allow for a variety of decorative looks unattainable with solid woods.

Painted Finish:

Painted furniture adds color and visual interest to a room. The Wood Key offers distressed and solid hand-applied paint finishes. Distressed finishes involve a multi-step process that gives the furniture a warm, weathered feel, while painted solid finishes feature smooth, consistent color overall.

Stained Finish:

Our stained finishes, many of which are developed in-house, protect and enhance our wood furnishings' natural grain and beauty. To seal the stained finishes we had applied a final coat of lacquer in a multi-step process, making each piece of furniture even more beautiful and durable. Because wood naturally varies in grain, texture and color, each piece of furniture is one of a kind.

Distressed Finish:

Our distressed finish, available in both stained and painted furniture, features edges that have been rubbed down to reveal a warm complementary undercoat. This process gives each piece the look of a favorite antique that's been repainted and aged over time. Because each item is finished by hand, no two are quite the same.

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